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Author Justin Bohardt, writer, poet, novel, portal, different worlds
Author Justin Bohardt, writer, poet, novel, portal, different worlds

Need a 5-Star Review or a Recommendation from Some Fellow Travelers?

- Simply put, Partisan is one of the best military fiction e-books I've read, period. The author had me when he quoted my favorite childhood tv-series, V in the foreword. This opening tale (I hope there are many more books) of a group of reservists and volunteer militia struggling against an overwhelming foe is a battle laced ride. Also, it is obvious that Mr. Bohardt had someone edit his work, unlike many of the other self-published books available on amazon. It is an easy read when you aren't stumbling over repeated passages, misspelled words, and worst of all, poor grammar.
I highly recommend this book to any fans of V or Red Dawn, or anyone looking for a good read, period.

- Amazon Customer Review of Partisan


-I don't usually go for adult rated Sci Fi, but this book was recommended. Everything was tastfully written. The plot was superb including the suspence. I'd recomend it to anyone over the age of 18. You left two, possibly 3 story lines open. Let me know when the next is ready to read!

- Smashwords Customer review of 111 Souls


-Awesome, waiting for the next one

- Smashwords Customer review of S.O.B.


-This is an awesome story! Great concept and well-executed. Bravo!

- Rachel Holt, Lead Editor, Alban Lake Publishing


-I love your use of language and the images it evokes.

- Terrie Leigh Relf, Editor, Hungur Magazine


-It's a unique poem, I love its conclusion and it's perfect for Champagne Shivers. I'm confident our readers will enjoy your work as much as I do.

- Cathy Buburuz, Editor, Champagne Shivers magazine 


Justin Bohardt is a man who finds that reality has never been quite what everyone has said it is cracked up to be. Whether you consider him blessed with a runaway imagination or cursed to always be prodded by an unseen impetus to create new worlds to seek adventure in, it matters not, because for a modest fee, Mr. Bohardt will gladly send you through a portal to a customized world he has created.


Would you care to battle alongside metapowered humans and angels cast out of heaven against shadow daemons, ancient monsters of the mythological world, and evil incarnate bent on destroying existence?


Have you always wanted to pick up your rifle and defend your country from an invading force against hopeless odds? Do you dream of battling enemy airships and destroying impregnable citadels?


Need a starship of your own in a universe replete with bounties to be hunted, occupying alien forces to rebel against, and conspiracies thousands of years in the making?


Want to watch individuals sever their ties with reality? Escape vampires in futuristic cityscapes? Maybe find inspiration in a verse or three?


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Author Justin Bohardt, writer, poet, novel, portal, different worlds
Author Justin Bohardt, writer, poet, novel, portal, different worlds

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Feel like getting a first hand account of portal and world creation? Visit the Author's Blog.


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